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Persian wedding


Salvadore & Denise - Wedding 09-24-2016

"When we started to look for photographers for our wedding, we wanted to work with someone who was professional, talented, and flexible. We wanted to have amazing pictures to capture our one, special day and we were more than satisfied with the results. Working with Peardon Carrillo Photography was just that and was a great experience! We were able to get a team of photographers that were full of ideas, suggestions, and helped capture our wedding to the fullest. We got much more than we anticipated with Peardon Carrillo Photography and would highly recommend their work! We were extremely satisfied with the amount of pictures taken and the variety of angles, creativity, and lighting methods used. As a team, Lisa and Alberto worked to be creative, original, and truly captivated our emotions and moments on our wedding day! My husband and I both come from Hispanic backgrounds therefore both of us have big families. With that being said, we were nervous and somewhat anxious about how and where we were going to take all of these pictures or at least try to incorporate as many as possible. However, to our blessed surprise, Alberto and Lisa were able to orchestrate and strategically plan our day in order to have the opportunity to not only take pictures with most of our family members, but wedding guests as well. I’d have to say that this truly allowed for us to be carefree, enjoy our evening, and we had the best day of our lives. Our photo's look amazing, and now we can re-live our special day every time we look at them! We would truly like to recommend Lisa and Alberto for their fantastic collaboration and amazing talent!""

Natalie & Dave - Wedding 07-02-2016

This review is long overdue. My wedding was on July 2, 2016 and it turned out to be an amazing night, better than I could have ever anticipated. However, like most brides would tell you, the process leading up to the wedding was extremely stressful. There were many important and expensive decisions that had to be made. One of the major decisions was selecting a photographer that you can trust to capture all the important moments in the night and make you look good in them. I must have spent months looking at different photographers, discussing packages and prices, and deciding which fit our personality and needs best. After meeting with Alberto and Lisa I immediately knew that they were the right choice. They showed me their work and I was blown away with how artistic and beautiful their photos looked. Even though we were going to skip an engagement session initially, after speaking with Alberto and Lisa, we decided to do one. They were instrumental in selecting the engagement session location and had some great suggestions with styling and how to cut costs. I was exceptionally nervous the day of the engagement session and told them that I was uncomfortable in front of a camera and usually turn out awkward in pictures. They rose to the challenge and didn’t skip a beat. They were amazing at giving direction and making me feel comfortable. We spent hours with them taking photos but it felt like we were only there for an hour. I was once again blow away at how beautiful the photos looked and how they had an artistic element to them. The morning of the wedding was very stressful and emotional. There was a lot to do and I had 9 bridesmaids in the hotel room with me so things felt extremely chaotic. Alberto and Lisa showed up to the hotel room on time and were immediately ready to go. They were great at providing direction and organizing our excessively large bridal party. They were tremendously flexible with their time, extremely energetic and professional.

Rafael & Jessie - Wedding 06-05-2015

First want to start off by saying that never did my wife and I expect to meet such a passionate,creative and artistic pair of photographers. They are down right the perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism. They have a very keen eye for taking romantic and unexpected shots. I'm not the photogenic type but the photos they captured of me and my wife were breathtaking. The amount of patience and passion that they have for their wonderful works of art far exceeded our expectations. proving to us that they are not afraid to go the extra mile looking at every little detail imaginable to give you on camera, that perfect moment. If you took the time to read this review and for some reason have any doubt about these amazing people-toss that doubt and hire them. You will be so happy you did!

Sam & Ashan - Wedding 07-26-2014

We knew at the moment we saw their website that Lisa & Alberto were going to be our wedding photographers. Of all the wedding photography websites we saw theirs really stood out. Their lighting, sense of aesthetics and the emotions that they caught were exactly what we were looking for. After meeting with them we were even more convinced. They are very easy going down to earth people with a high level of professionalism. We are sooo.., happy with our photos! They are gorgeous and are going to be featured in a magazine! Lisa & Alberto made it such a good time, the photography was the best part of our wedding. We cannot recommend them more highly! We are truly happy! Thank you again Lisa & Alberto for these beautiful engagement and wedding photos that we will cherish forever!

Pantea & Max - Wedding 08-31-2013

My husband and I were married in August 2013 and began searching for all our vendors months before the wedding. Photographers were very important to us so we spent extra time and attention on this vendor. I came across Peardon & Carrillo on a list of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles and immediately loved them! I compared the work I saw online to what's considered "top of the line" and very pricey photographers and was pleasantly surprised to find that their work was better and more affordable. Once we met with them in person, we were reassured that they would be our wedding photographers. They have such a flare for the art and eye for design that each photo we saw from our engagement and wedding really made us smile from ear to ear. I cannot describe the reaction we got from friends and family after they saw our photos, it was like surprise and astonishment at how amazing the pictures were. The best part of Lisa & Alberto is that you really get two visions for the price of one. They are such a great combination together and bring such a force to every shot. They are very professional and easy to work with. It was especially hard on the day of the wedding when stress levels were high, but they kept their focus and remained calm which helped us to remain calm. I have nothing but positive things to say about this pair and really believe that the work they do is superb and affordable. Don't skip out on the engagement shoot! It really was worth it and so much fun to be a little more explorative. Lisa & Alberto were game for anything and really let the natural and sexy side of us come out in the photos.