Gorgeous Jewish/Russian Wedding at Private Vineyard in Santa Barbara, Ca.

It was a warm breezy fall day at a private vineyard in Santa Barbara, Ca. Everything was a buzz. All the wedding vendors scurrying about trying to get the pre wedding details taken care of at this gorgeous rustic venue. The florist was putting the finishing touches on the ceremony area. she designed with the most brightly colored flowers and fall leaves. The wedding planner was delicately placing the DIY decorations that the Bride made herself on the long wooden family style dinner tables. So beautiful with all the vibrant fall colors. Both their families were coming from far away for this Jewish celebration. The Brides family from Russia and the Grooms family from Ireland to celebrate this beloved couple. We were so honored to be a part of this wonderful couples story. They are so beautiful together. We wish you nothing but love, happiness, and peace throughout your journey together, Sam & Regina.

Santa Barbara Vineyard Wedding
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  • First look.
  • Bride awaits her groom
  • First kiss
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  • Nuptuals
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  • Bride & groom at sweet heart table.
  • Last dance.

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