Vintage L.A.


My friends and family would describe me as a friendly, and energetic person who loves to play just about any sport. In fact as a boy, my family would have bet the farm that I would have never been a creative one day. I loved running and jumping around to much at school or at a park to have even consider being an artist one day. Feeling the wind rushing through my hair as I ran through the trees was just my medicine. If there were kids outside in my neighborhood playing any kind of sport you could always find me there. As a teen, I gravitated to photography when I discovered my fathers old Kodak Brownie film camera in our garage that was left behind in some boxes years earlier from my fathers passing. It started my artistic journey. I spent many hours in that garage secretly trying to master his camera while studying some of my favoriite magazines in the school library. I was especially facinated and moved often by Life magazine. It brought the world to me in color, beautiful cinematic pictures and many with a strong emphasis in Photojournalism. Many of those images taught me how to convey beauty and emotions in photographs. As the years passed on, I graduated from college and went straight to work for some fortune 500 corporations in the Pharma/Biotech sectors for many years. During that time, I continued to hone my skills on my portfolio in southern california, photographing Fashion work in Los Angeles, New York and other states when I was free to follow my secret passion. Later on, I finally started to get a few commissions to photograph Portraiture, Commercial and some Architectural work which eventually all led to weddings that's when I met Lisa and our little happy accident began.

Beautiful Flower


It was another bright sunny day in Los angeles. I had come in from a swim and I was sitting in my mothers' turquoise and ivory tiled bathroom watching her put on her make-up, while sipping her martini and humming to the George Harrison record my father was playing in the background. I was flipping through the pages of one of her many Vogue Magazines, and giggling to myself because she looked so funny in her pink lingerie with black polka dots, and her hair all up in curlers. It was the sixties and she was such a fashionista! She was getting ready to go to a big Hollywood party. "Pass me the Mary Quant baby", she asked as she took a drag on her cigarette. I remember reaching for the mascara and as I looked up I saw her refelction in the mirror puting on her lipstick with her long pink nails. The cigarette smoke was billowing out of the corner of her mouth, and the light was illuminating her blue eyes in such a way that they were glowing. I was frozen for a moment mesmerized by the light. I was framing this image in my mind taking in the scene. Click. That was the first fashion photo I ever took. I was six years old. After that I started looking at my Mothers Vogue magazines religiously, searching for photos with beautiful light. After high school I attened Art Center College of Design then moved to Paris to follow my dream of shooting for fashion magazines. I lived there for eight years, shooting for magazines such as Marie Claire, 2O ans, Cosmopilitan, L'official, Jeune et Jolie, to name a few. After reaching my goals with my life in Paris, and opeing my eyes and mind in so many different ways, my adventurous spirit needed change. I moved to New York where I lived out another dream shooting album covers for all the major record labels. And celebrities for major magazines. I shot many artists, from pop to wrap to jazz. Some of the most notable being, Britney Spears, Beck, Ice Cube, Alicia Keys,Tyrese, and many great jazz artists. I had a blast! After so many years away from home I returned to my native Los Angeles to be close to my family and friends. In Los Angeles there is everything to photograph. Fashion, Music,Celebrities,Lifestyle. One day a friend asked Alberto and I to shoot her wedding. I wasn't sure if we should because neither of us had ever shot a wedding and there is nothing more important than capturing and preserving a couples most important day. But we decided to do it. And we loved it! With a wedding we're able to use all of our photographic skills. I love to photograph the couple in a stylish way like I would for a fashion magazine, and capture the whole story with beautiful , and humurous and quirky candids. The tears of joy from their parents, their siblings closeness, and goofiness and their best friends laughter. But the main reason I love photographing weddings is capturing the love between two people who are madly in love. That's magic!